What is this about?

In conjuction with the 2023 Learning on Graphs (LoG) Conference, we are organizing a local meetup in the Mid-North US. The meetup will take place on the Saturday, Janu 18th. It will be hosted by the University of Notre Dame. The meetup will feature keynote talks, a panel discussion, as well as a poster session and a social event. This meetup aims to bring together the local Graph ML community, fostering discussions and collaborations while encouraging more students to get involved.

Key information


1. Who is invited? Everyone.

2. Do I need to registrate? It is not strictly necessary, however we recommend registering using this form. This will help us estimate the number of participants. We can further offer some travels grants if possible.

3. Cost? free

4. Want to Speak? If you would like to be a speaker, please register using this form.


Student Organizers: Gang Liu, Haitao Mao, Harry Shomer, Jing Zhu, Kehan Guo, Mingxuan Ju, Xingjian Zhang, Zhichun Guo

Advisory: Danai Koutra Jiliang Tang, Meng Jiang Nitesh Chawla Qiaozhu Mei Tong Zhao Xiangliang Zhang Yanfang Ye